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Program book

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October 5th,  Wednesday                   Location: Symposion  @ Toyota Auditorium in Nagoya University


15:00 - 20:00                   Early Registration Open.

18:00 - 20:00                    Welcome reception for early birds.

October 6th,  Thursday                      Location: Symposion  @ Toyota Auditorium in Nagoya University

[Single Session]

Opening Remarks                                                            Symposion

8:15 - 17:00                     Registration Open.

8:45-9:15    Welcome Speech by General Chair of UV2016 Kazuya Takeda (Professor of Nagoya University)

                    Welcome Speech by Nagoya University Sei‘ichi Matsuo (President of Nagoya University)

                    Welcome Speech by Founder of Universal Village, Ichiro Masaki (Professor of MIT)


Keynote Speech                                                               Symposion

9:15-9:50        Urban OS as a social ICT platform to realize sustainable city with citizen participation

                        Hiroto Yasuura (Vice President of Kyushu University)

9:50-10:25      Stop wasting time and fuel in traffic jams

                        Berthold K. P. Horn (Professor of MIT, General Chair of UV2016)

10:25-11:00    Smart City Standardization Progress in China

                        LV Weifeng (Dean of Beihang University)


Coffee Break                                                                   Symposion

11:00-11:20    Coffee Break

Backcasting from Future Society                                   Symposion

11:20-12:20 Brain Network Analysis for Revealing Neural Circuits that Govern Human Cognitive Process from MRI Datasets: Background, Methods & Applications

                    Zhishun Wang (Professor of Columbia University)

                    Nagoya COI (COI: Center of Innovation Program)

                   Takayuki Morikawa (Professor of Nagoya University, Japan), Hiroko Kamide (Associate Professor of Nagoya University, Japan)


Conference Overview                                                       Symposion

Chair: Kazuya Takeda

13:40-15:10    Introduction of Sessions

  1. Session I -1A [Intelligent Transportation (1)]
  2. Session I -1B [Intelligent Transportation (2)]
  3. Session I -2 [Urban Management]
  4. Session I -3 [Smart Land Use]
  5. Session II -1 [Intelligent Healthcare]
  6. Session II -2 [Intelligent Life Support]
  7. Session II -3 [Human Robot Interaction]
  8. Session III [Intelligent City]
  9. Session IV -1 [Microbial Technology & Environmental Protection]
  10. Session IV-2 [Smart-City Trash Management and Treatment for Zero- Emission]
  11. Session IV-3 [Climate Changes & Future Life Styles]
  12. Session V [Data Management & Visualization]
  13. Session VI [Intelligent Materials]
  14. Session VII -1[Lighting, Healthcare and Future Life Styles]
  15. Session VII -2 [Human Factors]
  16. Session VII -3 [Special Session - Persuasive City]
  17. Mayors’ Forum
  18. Students’ Forum


Executive Session                                                            Symposion

Chair: Shuzaburo Takeda (Advisor to Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technolog)


15:30-17:00    Key science and stem technologies for SDGs and Universal Village


William Colglazier (Former Science and Technology Adviser to the U.S. Secretary of State)


Sei’ichi matsuo (President of Nagoya University)

Hiroto Yasuura (Vice President of Kyushu University)

Hiroshi Kanai (Vice President of Tohoku University)

Miki Haseyama (Advisor to the President of Hokkaido University)



18:00-20:00            ANA CROWNE PLAZA Hotel Grand Court NAGOYA


October 7th,  Friday                      Location: Symposion+Room A, B, C, E  @ Toyota Auditorium in Nagoya University


8:30 - 18:00            Registration Open.

9:00 - 10:30            [Single Session]         Venue:  Symposion  

10:30 - 17:15          [Multiple Session]      Venue:  Symposion  + Room A, B, C, E

17:15 - 18:30          [Single Session]         Venue:  Symposion  




Mayors’ Forum                                                               Symposion


Sei’ichi matsuo (President of Nagoya University)


                      Takayuki Morikawa (Professor of Nagoya University, Japan)

                      Guoping Zhang (Professor of Harvard University & Nankai University, CEO of China Association of Corporate Governance)

                      Francisco Bozzano-Barnes (Spain)

9:00-10:30    Aiming for an Environmentally Advanced City: City of Toyota

Toshihiko Ota (Mayor of Toyota city, Japan)

A new digital democracy for smart cities

Miguel Arana Catania (Director for Participation of the City of Madrid, Spain)

International Universal Village Proposal (IUVP)

Guoping Zhang (Professor of Harvard University & Nankai University, CEO of China Association of Corporate Governance)


Students’ Forum                                        Conference Room E and Symposion

10:40-17:15    Discussion in Conference Room E

17:15-18:00    Presentation in Symposion



Category I. Intelligent Transportation and Urban   Planning

  •        Intelligent transportation systems & intelligent vehicles
  •        Human-centered transportation
  •        Urban planning

Session I -1A:     Intelligent Transportation (1)                                    Symposion @ Toyota Stadium

Session Chair: Toshiyuki YAMAMOTO (Nagoya University, Japan)

Time: 10:40am - 12:00pm            October 7th, 2016


Sensor Network System for the Infrastructure Asset Management

Koichiro Yamashita, Koji Kurihara, Huangchun LI, Chen AO, Yi XU, Jun TIAN, Keiji Kimura, Hironori Kasahara

Stated Preference Analysis on Egress Behavior after Large-scale Event in Singapore

Takuro Ikeda, Vishal Sharma, Eiji Kitagawa, Taizo Anan

[Invited Talk] Traffic Management and Automated Driving Utilizing Dynamic Maps

Takayuki Morikawa, Hiroaki Takada


Session I -1B:     Intelligent Transportation (2)                                    Symposion @ Toyota Stadium

Session Chair:    Yoshiki  NINOMIYA  (Nagoya  University, Japan)

Time: 13:00pm - 14:20pm            October 7th, 2016


       [Invited Talk] Design and Analysis of Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Con- trol Including Human-Driven Car based on Model Predictive Control Framework

Hyuntai CHIN, Hiroyuki OKUDA, Tatsuya SUZUKI

[Invited Talk] Fundamental Investigation on Pro-beam Road Lighting System

Toru Hagiwara, Shunsuke Kohko, Shouji Kobayashi

Spatio-Temporal Appearance Model via Saliency Analysis for Multi- Target Tracking

Yang Zhang, Hao Sheng, Jiahui Chen, Zhang Xiong

Automatic Analysis of Traffic Behavior from Visual Surveillance of Intersection

Shuo Zhang, Yajun Fang, Hao Sheng, Ichiro Masaki, Berthold Horn, Zhang Xiong


Session I -2:        Urban Management                                                    Symposion @ Toyota Stadium

Session Chair: Takayuki MORIKAWA (Nagoya University, Japan)

Time: 14:30pm - 15:30pm            October 7th, 2016


       Flood Prevention Strategy to Reserve Quality Ground Water  for Kabul Future Development

       Said Moqeem Sadat, Ikuo Sugiyama, Takahiro Saito, Norikazu Inuzuka

       Rapid Strategic Consensus Building in Land Readjustment in Kabul

       Nangialai Yousufzai, Eyosiyas Etana, Ahmad Javid Habib, Ikuo Sugiyama

       A Study on Growth Control Strategy Applying Urban-Agriculture Con- cept in Kabul City

       Faridoon AFSHAR, AGA Eyosiyas ETANA, Ikuo Sugiyama


Session I -3:        Smart Land Use                                             Conference Room A  @ Toyota Stadium

Session Chair: Victor Muhandiki (Nagoya University, Japan)

Time: 13:50pm - 14:30pm            October 7th, 2016



       Spatial distributions of soil moisture analysis in  urban-rural integrated cities: A case study in Wuhan City

       Nengcheng Chen, Jizhen Lia, Xiang Zhanga, Zeqiang Chen

       A Web-Based Real Property Updating System for Efficient and Sustain- able Urban Development: A Case Study in Ethiopia

       Eyosiyas Etana, Teruaki Yokoyama, Ikuo Sugiyama


Category II. Healthcare and  Well-being  

  •        Pervasive & non-invasive health-monitoring
  •        Personalized healthcare
  •        Intelligent nursery
  •        Senior care and assistive technology for mobility-challenged residents
  •        Public health: the changing trends and emerging new technologies


Session II -1:      Intelligent Healthcare                                    Conference Room C @ Toyota Stadium

Session Chair: Masaru HORI (Nagoya University, Japan)

Time: 13:00pm - 15:20pm            October 7th, 2016


       [Invited Talk] Advanced Surface Modifications of Blood  Analysis De- vices by Biocompatible Polymer

       Madoka Takai

       [Invited Talk] Integration of Chemistry on a LSI

       Kazuo Nakazato

       [Invited Talk] Placing Biomolecules/Cells on a Chip Opens up Fields of Healthcare Applications

       Shinya Kumagai

       [Invited Talk] Research Platform For Overcoming Stress And Fatigue

       Yosky Kataoka

       [Invited Talk] The Future of Intelligent Healthcare

       Dr Dhesi Baha Raja & Rainier Mallol


Session II -2:      Intelligent Life Support                                 Conference Room C @ Toyota Stadium

Session Chair: Kenji MASE (Nagoya University, Japan)

Time: 15:30pm - 17:10pm            October 7th, 2016


       Unobtrusively Medical and Health Monitoring of Older Adults in Every- day Life Mobility with a Vehicle

Kenji Ishikawa, Daisuke Onoshima, Hiroshi Yukawa, Hiromasa Tanaka, Hiroshi Hashizume, Yoshinobu Baba, Masaru Hori, Tersunari Hase, Masashi Kondo, Yoshinori Hasegawa, Masaaki Mizuno, Naoto Kihara, Kihara Tatsukoshi, Hidefumi Odaka

Quantified Function Profile Approach for Mobility Impairment People

Yusuke Komaba, Brenda M. B. Reginatto, Kenneth Taylor, Cailbhe Doherty, Liang Zhao, Akihiro Inomata, Brian Caulfield

Investigation on Recurrent Neural Network Architectures for Daily Activity Recognition

Akira Tamamori, Tomoki Hayashi, Tomoki Toda, Kazuya Takeda

EEG Features Representing Cognitive and Emotional States Evoked by Personal Pictures

Shintarou Hayamizu, Junya Morita, Takatugu Hirayama, Kenji Mase, Kazunori Yamada

Integrating Auditory Space for Multiple People in Real World Using Their Personal Devices

Tomoko Yonezawa, Yosuke Ino, Yuki Ishikawa

Can the Backside Third Eye Beat Back Thieves? A Preliminary Experiment to Implement a Wearable Thief Diffence System

Yu Enokibori, Taiga Hayashi, Kenji Mase


Session II -3:      Human Robot Interaction                                 Conference Room C @ Toyota Stadium

Session Chair: Takahiro TANAKA (Nagoya University, Japan)

Time: 10:40am - 11:40am            October 7th, 2016 


       Human Robot Interaction for Health Promotion in Informationally Struc- tured Space

Siqi Sun, Takenori Obo, Naoyuki Kubota

A study on Rehabilitating Behavioral Disorders through Seal Robot Paro

Suto Noriko

Ready for the ”Robot Revolution” ? – Japan’s Attempts to Solve Societal Issues by the Implementation of Advanced Robotics

Benjamin Rabe, Martin Rathmann


Category  III.  Intelligent Communities

  •        Social media, education and communication
  •        Security, safety, and privacy protection
  •        Integrated energy management 
  •        Treatment for zero-emission
  •        Response to emergency and global climate change
  •        Intelligent monitoring & sensing
  •        Seamless wireless network, mobile computing, cloud storage
  •        Robotics for dynamic applications


Session III:         Intelligent City                                                             Symposion @ Toyota Stadium

Session Chair: Hiroto YASUURA (Kyushu University, Japan)

Time: 15:40pm - 17:15pm            October 7th, 2016


       Local Energy Management Systems (LEMS) for Local Consumption of Renewable Energy with the Cooperation of Public Facilities

       Tatsuro Harada

      Establishment of a Novel Power System to Enable Mass Introduction of Photovoltaic Systems with Maintaining its Stability

       Ryuji Matsuhashi

       Energy Management Systems and their Element Design Example: a General Overview and a Demand Response Program Design

       Junichi Murata, Masaru Murakami, Ryohei Funaki

       Multi-Layer Energy Management System for High-Level Equalization of Power Supply and Demand

       Hisato Matsuo, Maiya Hori

       [Invited Talk] Smart City - A Foreseeable Future of Macau

       Wei Ke


Category IV.  Ecological System

  •         Green agriculture
  •         Ecological economy and strategy
  •         Integrated solutions to eliminate waste & pollution
  •         Environmental protection and trash management
  •         Effective microorganism technology


Session IV -1:     Microbial Technology & Environmental Protection          Conference Room B  @ Toyota Stadium

Session Chairs: Masaki SHINTANI (Tokyo Women’s Medical University, Japan), Toru HI- GASHINAKAGAWA (Waseda University, Japan)

Time: 13:00pm - 14:50pm            October 7th, 2016


       Tanah Sutera Development, an eco-city development project in Malaysia: two years on

Hia Hui Ching, Lim Kai Ying, Teh Hui Theng, Ho Siew Chin, Yoshitaka Fukugauchi, Teruo Higa and Steven Shum

Use of EM Technology for controlling foul odors and sanitation concerns caused by massive flood in Thailand in 2011

Jethamstapong Voranuj, Toru Koshoji, Gen. Satian Pirmthongin

[Invited  Talk] Jethamstapong  Voranuj,  Toru  Koshoji,  Gen. Satian Pirmthongin

Gede Ngurah Wididana

Effective Microorganisms (EM1) Technology for Sustainable Large Scale Grain Agriculture

Cid Simões

Establishment of human and environmentally friendly hospital with con- sideration for human and environmental microbiome

Isa Saito, Masaki Shintani, Nami Murakami, Yutaro Aoki and Teruo Higa 

Microbial contribution as countermeasures against radioactive contamination

Shuichi Okumoto, Masaki Shintani, Teruo Higa

[Invited Talk] A route to co-existence and co-prosperity with microbial power

Teruo Higa

[Invited Talk] Attempt to create a Universal Village in Amami Oshima, Island, Japan

Yoshihiro Takano, Keigo Nakatani


Session IV -2:          Smart-City Trash   Management  and Treatment for Zero-Emission       Conference Room B @ Toyota Stadium

Session Chair: Gene Fry (USA), Tingying Zeng (Academy for Advanced Research Institute, USA)

Time & Location: 15:00pm - 15:50pm            October 7th, 2016

       Study on hydrogen production as a bioenergy with garbage

Matsunori Nara

Effective Microorganisms Technology as an ecological solution for in- fiertile river bank - Sorek River, Israel

Ori Moran, Sher Maimon, Amir Elron

Developing a municipal solid waste management model for developing cities: the LIMES model (Case studies on Nagoya and Fortaleza)

I.A. de Oliveira

A Real-time, Low-maintenance Sewer Monitering System using Thermo- electric Generators and Adaptive Sensing Technology

N. Kouma, K. Nakagawa, J. Kakuta, K. Kawakami, Y. Kikuchi, Y. Hida, T. Suzuki, H. Chiba, T. Uzumaki


Session IV -3:     Climate Changes & Future Life Styles        Conference Room B @ Toyota Stadium

Session Chair: Gene R. H. Fry (USA)

Time: 16:00pm - 17:00pm            October 7th, 2016


       [Talk  + Round table discussion] 3.7 to 6.5C Global   Surface Warming from 2016’s CO2 and CH4 Levels

Gene R. H. Fry


Category V.  Data Management

  •         Big data: data storage, vitalization, visualization, integration and mining
  •         Deep learning
  •         Planning & decision systems
  •         Human-centered computing


Session V:                  Data Management & Visualization              Conference Room B @ Toyota Stadium

Session Chair: Guangtao Xue (Shanghai Jiao Tong Univ., P.R.China), Nengcheng Chen (Wuhan University, P.R.China)

Time & Location: 10:40am - 12:00pm            October 7th, 2016


       A Web-Based Real Property Updating System for Efficient and Sustain- able Urban Development: A Case Study in Ethiopia

Eyosiyas Etana, Teruaki Yokoyama, Ikuo Sugiyama

Large-scale Analysis and Diagnosis of Urban Cellular Networks

Zhenxian Hu, Guangtao Xue, Rui Xie, Nicholas Zhang

Spatial-Temporal based Integrated Management for Smart City: Frame- work, Key techniques and Implementation

Nengcheng Chen

Smart Community By Way of Social Media - A Case of Community on the Palm in Tangshan

LI, Dongquan, Lan, G.Zhiyong Lan, Wei, Ming

[Invited Talk] Medical Big Data:  Medical Data Mining and Innovative Applications with Patient Monitoring and Aging Care

Yanchun Zhang


Category VI. Green Energy and  Materials

  •         Renewable energy: solar, wind, biomass, hydro and their applications
  •         Energy storage, conversion and transmission
  •         Smart materials for ecological systems


Session VI:         Intelligent Materials                                       Conference Room A @ Toyota Stadium

Session Chair: Toru UJIHARA (Nagoya University, Japan)

Time: 10:40am - 12:00pm            October 7th, 2016


       [Invited Talk] Trial of Process Informatics in SiC Solution Growth

Toru  Ujihara,  Shunta  Harada,  Yosuke  Tsunooka,  Nobuhiko Kokubo, Kenta Murayama, Ryota Murai, Miho Tagawa

[Invited Talk] Electrically Conductive Papers Prepared from Banana Cellulose Fibers

Phanthitra Anantasattakul, Nagahiro Saito, Ratana Rujiravanit

[Invited Talk] Reactive Powder Processing for Porous Al-Ti alloys

Makoto Kobashi

[Invited Talk] Barium disilicide: earth abundant material for solar cells

Noritaka Usami

[Invited Talk] Solar Photovoltaics via Photoelectric Conversion of a Monochromatic Light from Solar-Pumped Lasers

T. Motohiro, A. Ikesue, A. Ichiki, T. Ichikawa, H. Ito, K. Hasegawa, S. Mizuno, T. Ito, N. Yamada, D. Kano, N. Hara, H. Terazawa, S. Takimoto,

K. Watanabe, H. N. Luitel, T. Kajino, Y. Takeda, and K. Higuchi


Category VII. Special  Sessions

  •        System integration, implementation and evaluation
  •        Privacy & culture concern: the changing trends and relevant technologies
  •        Persuasive city
  •        Urbanization: impact and challenges
  •        Collaboration across companies, governments, universities and different countries
  •        Entrepreneurship and new investment for new UV technologies


Session VII -1:   Lighting,   Healthcare  and  Future  Life Styles      Conference Room A @ Toyota Stadium

Session Chair: Yong Xu (Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, China)

Time: 13:00pm - 13:40pm            October 7th, 2016



       Optoelectronic Agriculture - An Innovative Solution to Facility Agricul- ture Lighting

Yong Xu, Kaibin Ruan

The Trend of Lighting in Future Cities

Yanyan Peng


Session VII -2:   Human Factors                                              Conference Room A @ Toyota Stadium

Session Chair: Hirofumi AOKI and Satoshi KI- TAZAKI (Nagoya University, Japan)

Time: 14:40pm - 15:40pm            October 7th, 2016


       Estimating Cuffless Blood Pressure using Standardized Features by Pulse Wave Interval under Various Measuring Positions

Hiroki Nishio, Md. Shoaib Bhuiyan, Haruki Kawanaka, Koji Oguri

Effect of a Yellow Filter on Contrast Sensitivity in Elderly Drivers

Makoto Inagami, Hirofumi Aoki, Yasuki Ito, Aiko Iwase, Misako Yamag- ishi, Takahiro Tanaka, Hiroko Terasaki

Driver’s internal state estimation based on the eye movement

Le Anh Son, Hirofumi Aoki, Tatsuya Suzuki, and Goro Obinata


Session VII -3:   Special Session - Persuasive City                  Conference Room A @ Toyota Stadium

Session Chair: Agnis Stibe (MIT, USA) 

Time & Location: 15:50pm - 16:50pm            October 7th, 2016


       Interactive Workshop


Presentation of Student Forum

17:15-18:00                                        Symposion 

Closing Ceremony

18:00-18:30                                        Symposion


October 8th,  Saturday          Excursion            Location: Asuke 

  • 9:00am - 9:30am            Move by bus Kanayama to NU
  • 9:30am - 10:30am          Move by bus NU to Asuke
  • 10:30am - 12:00pm        Introduction of Asuke Project @Asuke Hospital
  • 12:00pm - 13:00pm        Lunch
  • 13:00pm - 16:00pm        Tour of Traditional Townscapes and Asuke Festival


Technical Tour:   Asuke-district, Toyota-city, Aichi               9:00 – 17:30

Venue: Asuke-district, Toyota-city, Aichi

Date & Time: October 8th, 9:00 - 17:30

Start and Finish: ANA Crown Hotel (Kanayama subway station) / Nagoya University

Asuke is famous for the historical townscape built in the latter half of the Edo period (from 1776 to 1830) and natural sights. Nagoya COI and Asuke-district have been working on the project “Building a role-model of exploring mobility for semi-mountainous communities” that aims to build a sustainable society where the elderly spend a vibrant life in semi-mountainous areas without being forced to move to urban areas.

We will visit the implementation site to see “Community Support System” that is an integrated computer/human system to manage the solution set that includes “Mobility Blend” system, information provision for stimulating outings, health condition monitoring and “Mutual Support Promotion Point”.

After the project visit, we will join the Asuke festival which is held on the day and experience the traditional hand works, demonstration of matchlock and parades of floats in the town.

( Center of Innovation Program by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technol- ogy)