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Technical Tour

UV2016 Excursion - A showcase of Early version of UV community

Date: October 8, Saturday
Venue: Asuke Village (Toyota city)


Technical Tour: Asuke Village

 Integrated computer/human system to manage the solution set that includes:

  • Mobility Blend System (MBS)
  • Information provision for stimulating outings
  • Health condition monitoring
  • Mutual Support Promotion Point (MSPP)


Total Systems


Part I: Intelligent Transportation System

Part II: Intelligent Healthcare

Part III: Mutual Support Promotion



        8:50    Hotel Pick up (Kanayama sta.)
        9:30    Arrive at Nagoya University
                    -Nobel Prize Exhibition Hall
        10:00    Move to Asuke( Asuke Map click here)
        11:00    Arrive at Asuke Hospital
                    - Introduction of Asuke Project (More information click here)
                    - Download the whole Asuke Project click here)
        12:00    Lunch
        13:00    Visit Traditional area and Asuke Festival
                    -Asuke castle
                    -Asuke Festival (Parade float, Matchlock gun)
                    -Traditional townscape Tour
        16:00    Move to Nagoya
        17:30    Arrive at Hotel (Kanayama sta.)