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Category I. Intelligent transportation and urban planning

  • Intelligent transportation systems & intelligent vehicles
  • Human-centered transportation
  • Urban planning

Session I-1: Intelligent Transport Systems & Intelligent Vehicles

Session Chairs

  •     Takayuki Morikawa, Nagoya Univ., Japan
  •     Yoshiki Ninomiya, Nagoya Univ., Japan


Category II.  Healthcare and Well-being

  • Pervasive & non-invasive health-monitoring
  • Personalized healthcare
  • Intelligent nursery
  • Senior care and assistive technology for mobility-challenged residents
  • Public health: the changing trends and emerging new technologies 


Session II-1: Intelligent Healthcare 

Session Chairs 

  •     Masaru Hori, Nagoya Univ., Japan
  •     Mingsheng Yuan, Lahey Medical Center, USA
  •     John Hu, Hstar Inc., USA


Session II-2: Intelligent Life Support

Session Chairs

  •     Kenji Mase, Nagoya Univ., Japan


Category III.  Intelligent Communities

  • Social media, education and communication
  • Security, safety, and privacy protection
  • Integrated energy management
  • Treatment for zero-emission
  • Response to emergency and global climate change
  • Intelligent monitoring & sensing
  • Seamless wireless network, mobile computing, cloud storage
  • Robotics for dynamic applications


Session III-1Intelligent City

Session Chairs

  •     Hiroto Yasuura, Kyusyu Univ., Japan


Session III-2: Continuous Care Retirement Community (CCRC)

Session Chairs 

  •     Yoshihiro Takano, Japan


Category IV.  Ecological System

  • Green agriculture  
  • Ecological economy and strategy
  • Integrated solutions to eliminate waste & pollution
  • Environmental protection and trash management
  • Effective microorganism technology


Session IV-1: Microbial Technology & Environmental Protection

Recent studies show microorganisms have populated, dominated, and even shaped our planet for over 3.5 billion years. These facts suggest that it is hardly possible to build the Universal Village without understanding the real roles of microorganisms and microbiome. This session will explore the enormous potential of microbial technology, especially focusing on the technology of effective microorganisms, and also discuss different usage examples of microbial technology around the world.

Session Chairs

  •     Masaki Shintani, EM Research Organization / Tokyo Women’s Medical University, Japan


Session IV-2: Climate Changes & Future Life Styles

Session Chairs

  •     Gene Fry, USA


Session IV-3: Smart-City Trash Management and Treatment for Zero-Emission

Session Chairs

  •     Tingying Zeng, Academy for Advanced Research Institute, USA


Category V. Data Management

  • Big data: data storage, vitalization, visualization, integration and mining
  • Deep learning
  • Planning & decision systems
  • Human-centered computing

Session V-1: Data Visualization

Session Chairs

  •     Guangtao Xue, Shanghai Jiao Tong Univ., P.R.China
  •     Nengcheng Chen, Wuhan University, P.R.China

Cateogory VI. Green Energy and Materials

  • Renewable energy: solar, wind, biomass, hydro and their applications
  • Energy storage, conversion and transmission
  • Smart materials for ecological systems


Session VI-1: Renewable Energy

Session Chairs

  •     Yasha Yi, Univ. of Michigan, USA


Session VI-2: Energy Storage

Session Chairs

  •     Tingying Zeng, Academy for Advanced Research Institute, USA


Session VI-3: Intelligent Material

Session Chairs

  •     Toru Ujihara, Nagoya Univ., Japan


Category VII. Special Sessions

  • System integration, implementation and evaluation
  • Privacy & culture concern: the changing trends and relevant technologies
  • Persuasive city
  • Urbanization: impact and challenges
  • Collaboration across companies, governments, universities and different countries.
  • Entrepreneurship and new investment for new UV technologies. 


Session VII: Special Session - Lighting, Healthcare and Future Life Styles

As an integrated part of the Universal Village, light will have a great impact on our future life. It brings us energy, information, and illumination and is the ultimate source of all lives on the earth. Almost all the aspects of our live, animal, and plants on the earth are affected by light. Adequate manipulation of light in our daily life will benefit our human beings, animals, and plants alike. Bad usage of light will also inevitably give us a negative impact. This special session will focus on all possible effects of light on our future life, and be a forum for scientists and engineers from academia and industry to discuss their innovative ideas and latest research results on this topic. (Click for more details)

Session Chairs

  •     Yong Xu, Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, P.R.China


Session VII: Special Session - Human Factors

Session Chairs

  •     Satoshi Kitazaki, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Japan
  •     Hirofumi Aoki, Nagoya Univ., Japan


Session VII: Special Session - Persuasive City

Session Chairs

  •     Agnis Stibe, MIT, USA


Session VII: Special Session - Music & Future Life Styles

Session Chairs

  •     Chen Chen Gong, MIT, USA 


Technical Tour - Asuke Visit

Tour Chairs 

  •     Chiho Kenmochi, Nagoya Univ., Japan
  •     Tomihiro Hayakawa, Asuke Hospital, Japan