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Welcome to UV2016

After great success in China (Beijing, UV2013) and Untied States (Boston, UV2014), the third Universal Village Conference will be held in Nagoya, Japan (UV2016). Universal Village exemplifies a desired future society that pursues human-nature harmony through wise application of technologies. The concept is an expanded & advanced version of Smart Cities, and signifies that we follow the law of the universe, protect the environment and eco-systems, understand humans' need in depth, and innovate new lifestyles, thus providing sustainable happiness for humanity’s future.

What makes the International Conference on Universal Village unique is that it calls for collective effort across multi-disciplinary fields in order to develop a platform where researchers with different background can collaborate beyond the traditional boundaries of their individual research fields, and to find a systematic, coordinated, long-term solution for the future of human kind and mother nature.

The theme for UV2016 is “Expand our horizon: UV for regions at different developing phases, and for people of different ages, with various technology & culture backgrounds.” Subjects for UV2016 include but are not limited to the following topics:

  • Develop systematic methodologies to advance UV technologies and to develop UV systems, including, intelligent transportation, intelligent environment & communities, intelligent healthcare, intelligent food systems, etc.
  • New life styles enabled by IT / New energy sources / New materials / Effective microorganism technology and environmental protection.
  • Address suitable paths of design, development, implementation, engineering and integration appropriate for different regions.
  • Explore how to benefit governments, companies, and universities on specific UV topics as well as practical UV solutions.

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